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So why is it called the Code Monkey Crew?

So first is what is a Code Monkey? 
A code monkey is a term that refers to a group of folks that write code (or did) professionally. See Wikipedia. The first time I heard it some sales puke was in the front office going on about why he couldn't make his quota that month because those "Code monkeys can't get the darn deliverables out on time!". But it is safe to say the term has been around 30 or more years and may date back as far as the big IBM programing days of the 60's. I'm sure it's origin had something to do with the 1000 monkey in a room of typewriters turning out Shakespeare. That's the Infinite Monkey theorem.

All of the contributors to this site/blog were (at least at one time) professional programmers. That being that they made (however limited) their living off the code they write at the key board. A majority of the CM Crew here were also Georgia Tech grads. Most have moved on to Project Managers, Business Analyst,  Architects, Graphics Designers or just plan Consultants. But they come together here as the "Crew" to share with you.

If you have ever worked with these kind of folks you might have noticed that they have a wide range of interest and strong technical back grounds. They are not hesitant about just open something up to see what makes it tick or to figure out why it's broke. These are the types of people that spend their spare time automating their home security systems so they can make the hot tub start and get warm from the office so when they get home after an hour in traffic it's ready. (Yes, I know some one that did this.) Often their home projects have nothing to do with their daily lives as these projects are their stress relief so they don't go postal at the office.

So here they blog for you about their latest projects.

Also I have to give a shout out to Jonathan Coulton who was one of us and left the IT world and made a little song about it. See it here if you have been under a rock and haven't hear it yet.

If this sounds like you and you want to join so you can blog about you latest project just Contact Us and we will set you up as a contributor.

The CMC Team

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