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In tribute to MRP (Model Racing Products), this page list the know boat kits. With the help of new information from co founders Bob Welch, Marvin Lew and advide collector James Alguire we have recently been able to add a page of MRP's history,  a list of MRP Cars and a Catalogs page.
MRP was originally based out of Kirkland, WA and with partner company Jerobee made R/C cars around 1970. Later MRP added boats and moved to Woodinville WA. For a more complete history see the account from co-founder Marvin Lew.
Most of their boats were vacuum formed hulls, light and a favorite among model boaters. They were part of my own inspiration. I have collected some information about the boats MRP manufactured and provided it here. If you have additional information ( like a catalog) or would like to add to the information here please feel free to Contact Us. MRP was last known to be purchased by ACE Hobby Distributors in Irvine, CA some time around 2006. It was shortly after 2006 when the boats, cars and parts stopped being available. Today the kits have become rare and hard to find. Occasional they come up for auction on and often fetch high prices.
      MRP Car List  MRP Company History    MRP Boat Parts List  

Catalog Number(s) Model Name Images Size, Features and Description Documents
10-2001 Americana Deluxe MRP Americana  Very nice single motor vee hull about 28" long  
  Aussie II MRP Australia II Model of an America's Cup 12 M racing yacht , scale 1: 38
Aussie II 1/38th Racing Yacht Specifications: Length: 500mm / 19.7 in. Mass Height: 792.5mm / 31.1 in. Sail Area : 10.5 dm. sq. / 162.8 sq. in. Beam: 117mm / 4.6 in. Weight: 910 g. / 2 lbs.
  Bud Dry Electric Deluxe Cat MRP Bud Dry A large twin hull twin, twin rudder, twin motor boat.  
  Bud Dry Nitro Deluxe Cat      
10-1941 Bud Light Tunnel Hull Electric Deluxe MRP Bud Light Tunnel Hull 28" Electric outboard motor, Tunnel Hull design of off shore racer. Electric Outboard motor Flyer/Insert.pdf
20-3200 Bud Light Tunnel 3.5 cc Nitro No image available ABS Hull, 241/4" long(29" with motor), Beam: 11", 3.5cc Outboard Motor required. Factor came with K&B outboad unit. 2 Channel.  
10-5200 Falcon Nitro MRP Falcon Specs: Outboard Tunnel Hull Length: 25"(635mm) Nitro Power: TT 3.5cc Outboard
The high performance MRP Falcon sports the latest in R/C tunnel hull design. Its streamline 25" long hull offers tremendous stability and unmatched maneuverability. The pre-joined, sturdy, .060" ABS plastic hull/deck is molded with crisp edges, and the sponson surfaces are smooth and super stiff for ruggedness.
Most likey one of the last MRP kits released.
10-1950 RTR
10-1951 Deluxe
10-1952 Basic
10-1953 Staic
Fast Cat FastCat_Box

Twin hull, twin motor
Lenght: 27" Beam: 10.5" Motors: Twin .05 Radio: 2 Channel Battery: Two 6v

Ass. Manual.pdf
10-7001 Firecracker Electric Deluxe MRP Fire Cracker  Lenght: 20.5"  Beam 7.5" A 1/10 scale mostly flat bottom boat. Single motor. Very fast.  
10-7002 Firecracker Electric Basic MRP Firecracker Basic version of the above.  
10-5001 Fountain Superboat MRP Fountain Lenght: 42"  Beam:9  
10-2100 (RTR) Gentry Eagle MRP Gentery Eagal Lenght: 43"  Beam:9.5  A three motor, twin rudder electric montser. Ass. Manual.pdf
10-1970 RTR
10-1971 Deluxe
10-1972 Basic
10-1973 Static

Hydro Sport

MRP Hydro Sport Single motor, two tops, optional wing. Six color schemes decals. One of their best known and most popular. Lenght: 24" Beam: 8" Motor: .05 Radio: 2 Channel Battery: 8.4v.  NABAM Electric speed record.  
10-1930 (RTR)
10-1931 Assm
10-1932 Basic
10-1933 Static
Italia Motor Yacht Luxury Italia MRP Italia Yacht A Mediterranean luxtury yacht with lots of scale details.  Lenght: 26 1/4 Beam:8"  Luxury Italia- Flying Bridge Yacht  single 540 motor, single rudder. Ass. Manual.pdf
  Mirage Tunnel Hull No image available Like the Bud Lite above. 28" Electric outboard motor, Tunnel Hull design of off shore racer.  
  Miss Bud Double Wing FG - 3.5cc No image available    
  Miss Bud Double Wing Gel-coat No image available    
Ass. w/ Radio
Miss Budweiser Hydro Electric Deluxe MRP Miss Budwiser Ver 2 This popular kit was powered by two motors geared together for twice the power to a single prop. Flyer/Insert.pdf
Unass. no electronics
Miss Budweiser Hydro Electric Basic MRP Hydro Version 2 Like the Hydro above this modle came with an all white hull an decales  
Ass. hull w/ speed ccontrol

Miss Budweiser (RED) Hydro Electric
Half kit
MRP Miss Budweiser Red Like the Miss Budweisers above except the top hull was molded in red ready for decals to be Miss Budweiser.
Ass. Manual.pdf
  Miss Budweiser Hydro Nitro No image available    
10-2015 Mr Pringles Deluxe MRP Mr Pringles   Flyer/Insert.pdf
  Mr Pringle's Unlimited Basic      
10-5558 Odyssey MRP Odyssey Luxury sailing yacht, scale 1 : 25 , length: 24.8" /630 mm. Mass Height: 41.3 in. Sail Area : ? Beam: ?. Weight: 4 lbs. This boat is an unusal case for MRP as it appears to have been made in Taiwan and not in the Woodinville WA factory.
Kit Review : Marine Modelling Intl , November 2001
  Outrageous Deluxe MRP Outrageous

Lenght: 28.5" Beam: ? A twin motor, twin battery boat with large V-8 motor detail an a rear wing.

10-1960 RTR
10-1961 Deluxe
10-1962 Basic
10-1963 Static
Pantera Electric Deluxe MRP Pantera A nice sized twin rudder, single motor offshore vee hull racer.
Lenght: 24" Beam: 8" Motor: .05 Radio: 2 Channel Battery: 7.2v
NAMBA Electric Speed Record
10-1962 Pantera Electric Basic MRP Pantera Like above unassembled  
10-5114 Phantom EP MRP Phantom Twin Hull, Twin rudder  
980M RTR
981M RTR less radio
Simi-Scale Electric MRP Unknown MRP Unknown One of MRP's first boats and the first electric. .05 ROAR race motor. Leghth 19" Beam 8" Hight 4.25"  See 1978 catalog for more details.  
990M RTR
991M RTR less RC
992M RTR less RC and motor
Simi-Scale Gas MRP Simi Scale Gas One of MRP's first boats. Air powered by a Cox .049 Leghth 20" Beam 8" Hight 7.25"  See 1978 catalog for more details.  
  Skater Cat Offshore Outboard MRP Skater A large twin outboard Catamaran modled after the off shore racers.
  Victory No image available Sailing yacht , length: 780 mm  
10-1980 RTR
10-1981 Deluxe
10-1982 Basic
10-1983 Static
Viper Conard MRP Viper Conard One of the first seven or eight boats by MRP, this futuristic boad had a unquie design. Lenght: 22" Beam: 11" Motor: .05 Radio: 2 Channel Battery: 7.2v
A bit to odd for the average boater this model was produced very long and is rare to find these days.
10-5559 Voyager MRP Voyager length: 1M(3' 3 1/2") Beam: 220mm( 8 3/4") Height: 1750mm( 5' 9") Weight: 3.3 kgs (7 lbs) 1 meter Sailing Yacht , scale 1 : 22 Radio: 2 Channel Req'd  
10-1990 RTR
10-1992 Basic
10-1993 Static
Vee Sport MRP Vee Sport Vee style hull, single motor. The Vee Sport was small about 24 inches. It was light and vary fast. It was one of the first nationaly available MRP boats. It was an icon for MRP and very popular. Lenght: 21" Beam: 7.5" Motor: .05 Radio: 2 Channel Battery: 7.2v  Ass. Manual.pdf


This page is inspired by the Guillows Kit List and Sterling Kit List page. These pages list all the kits the two companies made including the list of parts that came in each kit. I hope to one day have a complete list of the models, instructions sheets, and parts included in the MRP kits. If you have any of these please contact us or email us. For sending large file please consider using or www.SendSpace.comThank you.


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