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New updated information on the history of MRP is comming.  Look for a time line soon!

But for now you can read this great letter from Co-Founder Marvin Lew  Letter July 2013


The following is a ruff time line of milestone events as best we can piece together from memories, stories and conversations. If you know of more details or more accurate dates, please contact us and help fill in the gaps. thanks!

  • 1970 - While working for Boeing Model Shop as wind tunnel model makers in Seattle founders Marvin Lew and Bob Welch get interested in Gas RC Cars and form MRP (Model Racing Products)
  •              MRP starts out in  Kirkland, WA and shares warehouse space with Jomac/Jambree
  •    ?        MRP moves to Woodinville WA.
  • 1978 - MRP has now add two simi-scale boats. One a .049 gas air powered speed boad and the other electric.
  • 1980ish - Tony Bellizzi buys MRP from Marvin Lew and Bob Welch
  •              Under Tony's leadership MRP grows to a multi million business with retail outlets all over the world.
  • Late 1980's MRP introduces the twin geared motor setup and starts to move away from single motor powered boats. Long time favorites the Vee Sport and the Hydro Sport are dropped from the catalog and more twin powered boats and gas model boats start to take center stage.
  • 1990ish maybe as late as 2006 - MRP sell to ACE Hobby Distributors in Irvine, CA which is later absorbed in to Thunder Tiger. The molds a boats go over seas and fade out all together.
  • 1990s - Former MRP employees start DPI Leisure Sports and continue the fabulous boat making tradition.

Rare photo- This is a 1978 edition of R/C World Magazine with Bob Welch pictured. The car he is holding is a prototype of MRP's 2nd (And last) generation 1/8 scale called "Pro 180" the first was called "C 510" Photo

Bob with 1/8 scale car

MRP First Ad

MRP First Ad page 1MRP First Ad page2

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