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MRP Parts List -Boats

This page is a list of know  MRP (Model Racing Products) boat kits parts.  We have collected some information about parts If you have information ( like a catalog) or would like to add to the information here please feel free to Contact Us. 
     MRP Boat List

Catalog Number(s) Type Images Description For Model
10-0265 Speed Control   Speed Control, Micro Switch Type (paralie/series) Unlimited Hydro
10-1415 Ride Plates MRP Americana  2 trim plates and mounting screws. 1 1/2 wide and 3/4 in depth Most boat kits
10-1902  Prop Shaft   Prop Shaft (5-40) and Brass Stuffing Tube Most boat kits
10-1903 Prop   Prop 1.1" Dia. x l" Pitch  
10-1905 Bearing   Thrust Bearing  
10-1906 Coupler   Coupler w/ setscrews to 5-40 prop shaft  
10-1910 Prop   1.1" x 1.25" Propeller -black w/ nut  
10-1911 Prop   Prop 1.25" Dia. x 1.75" Pitch (Miss Bud- Stock Prop)  
10-1915 Motor Mount   Twin Motor Mount (less motors)  
10-1916 Rudder MRP Heavy Duty Rudder Rudder, Heavy Duty Nylon  
  Rudder MRP Break Away Rudder Break Away Rudder  
10-2020 Body part   Unlimrted HydroWing  
10-2021 Body part   Lexan Canopy, Unlimited Hydro  
10-2022 Body part   Radio Box Lid, Unlimited Hydro  
10-2023 Body part   Cowling, Unlimited Hydro  
10-2024 Body part   Turn Frn, Unlimited Hydro  
35-4067 Gear   Gear, 31 tooth 32 Pitch  
50-0779 Ball Bearing   Ball Bearing,l/8" x 5/16" Flanged (pair)  
50-0780 Bushinig   Bushinig Oilite, 1/8" x5/16" Flanged (pair)  
71-0105 Charger   Econo-Charger, 12VDC  (charger made of resitance wire to drop voltage down. Not Recomended)  
71-0166 Battery Pack   Battery Pack 7 .2 Volt, 6-Cell Strck Type  
85-3004 Setscrews   4-40 Splined Setscrews with Wrench (12 ea)  
85-3022 Prop Nuts   5-40 Brass Mini-Nut [6 ea) Prop Nuts  
95-0552 Motor   Motor, Stock Racing Class  
95-3038 Pins   Hitch Pins (6 ea)  



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