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By Deadline on Dec 04 2010 Category:Vacuum Form

After running 35 feet of #6 copper, wiring in the new outlet and adding the largest breaker in the power box, I'm ready.  I now have the power I need to operate the vacuum form.  Here we used an oven plug rated at 55 amps. It won't run the whole 2 x 4 but it should handle the a 2 x 2 or 2 x 3.

Big plug

It will in fact take two different circuits to power both zones of the 2 x 4. Each zone needs about 30 amps.


So, the build is over and now begins the testing and operation.

First test: The goal will be to turn these new sheets of 4 x 8 plastic, a new mold (see Building a MSE-6 Droid) and the vac into an R/C car body.


   Two 4' x 8' sheets of plastic           +         Droid R/C car body mold                 +        Vacuum Form Machine             =    MSE-6 Mouse Droid?

4' x 8' Polystyrene + MSE-6 Form + Vacuum Forming machine = Movie MSE-6 Mouse

We will see.



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