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Chevy Volt, Nisan LEAF, BMW Mini E, Mitsubishi iMiEV, MB Smart Car Comparison.
By Deadline on Aug 10 2010 Category:General

Being some what of a gear-head I'm not really the kind that is typically all pro ECO friendly cars. I enjoy burning my petrel just as much as any car guy. But, having a short commute and with the price of gas likely to continue to rise it seems for the everyday trip to the office something that was hybrid or electric would save a little cash. So off to the Internet to find out what was there and how they compared.

As you might have guessed there is no side by side comparison so I had build my own. Here is what I found that will (or is) available in the US.

  Chevy Volt Nisan LEAF BMW Mini E Mitsubishi iMiEV MB Smart Car
 Cost:  Projected $41,000 USD  Projected $32,780 USD Leasing price $600 per month $22,000 - $30,000 USD  
 US release date:  November 2010  December 2010  Field Trial under way in LA,NY & NJ  Uk Jan 2011/ US April 2011  Currently in UK on lease, US release unknown
 Type: Extended-Range Electric Vehicle (E-REV)

 100 % plug in electric

 100 % plug in electric  100 % plug in electric  100 % plug in electric
 Seating capacity/Doors:  4 / 5  5 / 5  2 / 3  4/4  2 / 2
 Top speed (mph):  100 mph  90 mph  95 mph  81 mph  120 km/h
 Range per charge:   40 (based on EPA city cycle)  100 miles  109/96/104(city/hwy/comb)  100 miles  110 km
 Battery:  16 kWh  lithium-ion  24 kWh lithium-ion  35 kWh lithium-ion  16 kWh Lithium-ion  
 Charger:  120 V or 240 V  120v or 220v or 440 v quick charge  110v or 240v(32amp) or 240(40amps)  120v or 240v or 200v(5okW)  
 Charge Time:  8hrs/ 3hrs  20hrs / 8 hrs  / 3hrs  26.5 hrs / 4.5 hrs / 3 hrs  14 hrs/ 7hrs / 30 min  
 Motor(s):  111 kW / 149 hp 80 kW AC  150 kW AC / 201hp  47kW  30 kW
 Accel:      8.5 sec (0-62 mph)    






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