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The demise of DNN (DotNet Nuke)
By Deadline on Feb 23 2012 Category:General, Technical

Welcome to the end of DNN. DNN Corp has destroyed one of the best, if not the best and possible only selling point for DNN. The Snowcovered site use to be a deal closer that ended all the other arguments against DNN. DNN Corp has seen fit  to taken away the independent, third party, community supported, market place in what is clearly a money garbing hack.

Now there are no compelling augments for DNN over Word Press. I'm not a big fan of WP, MySql and PHP as an architecture. It's weak, buggy, hard to debug and susceptible to scripting attacks. But DNN has let them win and customer after customer is now chooses WP over DNN hands down. DNN is slower, bulky and requires twice the server to run as a WP site but I use to be able to get a customer past all that when I showed them the DNN Snowcovered market place. Now they op for WP every time.

Congratulations DNN Corp, you have signed you own demise. I'm sad to see you make the same mistakes as others in the shareware community. I guess you didn't learn from your predecessors. I have been with DNN since it grew out of the .Net 1.0 sample code and loved the evolutions and changes. I have supported and championed for DNN for years. 6.0 is a triumph achievement of what a community base software project can do. It was the shining case for .Net. This is the biggest slap in the face to your community, supporters, and champions I've ever seen. 

We are very disappointed in DNN Corp, We have come to expect better from them and they just kicked us all to the curb. It's been a great ride but we have to follow the sales and DNN just lost.



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